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The municipality of Loulé is a colorful mosaic of typical villages, landscapes of extraordinary beauty that descend from the mountains to the coast, urban areas that bet on modern architecture aligned with the majestic historical heritage and a cultural heritage inspired by contemporary knowledge and habits brought back from immemorial times.

Consisting of eleven parishes, it enjoys a privileged location in the center of the Algarve, where it stands as an important tourist destination, a reference industrial area and a hub for stimulating a wide range of services, which contribute to its social and economic wealth.

Loulé is the largest municipality in the Algarve but its grandeur goes beyond territorial borders. Bordered to the south by the Atlantic Ocean, it extends to the north as far as the Serra do Caldeirão, a geographical condition that lends it an interesting climatic variety and gives its multiple economic and business activities a unique dynamic in the regional and national context.

Visiting Loulé is to live a peculiar experience.

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