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The municipality of Loulé is a colourful mosaic of typical villages, landscapes of extraordinary beauty stretching from the hills of the serra down to the coastline, urban areas where modern architecture stands in harmony with the majestic historical heritage and a cultural legacy inspired both by contemporary expertise and habits passed down since time immemorial.

Consisting of eleven parishes, the municipality enjoys a wonderful location in the heart of the Algarve, where it is a major tourist destination, a landmark industrial area and the focal point of a wide range of services that contribute to its social and economic wealth.

Loulé is the biggest municipality in the Algarve but its grandeur stretches beyond its boundaries. Bordered to the south by the Atlantic Ocean, it stretches north to the Serra do Caldeirão, and its geographical position means that the climate is varied and its manifold economic and business activities enjoy an unparalleled dynamism on the regional and national stage.


To visit Loulé is to experience something special.





Near the coast, discover the main city of the municipality and allow yourself to travel back to the distant past which is still preserved in the monuments in its historical centre, the authentic vestiges of a past that is artistically reproduced in the iconic building of the Municipal Market.

Stroll along the streets flanked by modern shops, relax on sunny terraces and enjoy the range of art in the galleries of the Espírito Santo and Santo António Monasteries in Loulé, at the Praça do Mar in cosmopolitan Quarteira and at the São Lourenço Cultural Centre in the parish of Almancil.

From the interior, you can take memories away with you of the welcoming villages sheltered by verdant hills, such as Alte, Ameixial, Salir, Benafim, Tôr and Querença, where the cuisine, folk music, handicrafts, typical buildings, agricultural techniques, religious festivals and popular music characterise the genuineness of the people of the serra.



Foam-flecked golden sands

From daybreak right up to the moment when the sunset provides one of the most dazzling spectacles in nature, the beaches of the municipality of Loulé impress with their incomparable beauty and the diversity of their settings. Spanning some 13.5 kilometres of the coastline, the natural charms of Loulé’s famous beaches, combined with the quality and diversity of services available in the bathing areas, attract thousands of tourists to the municipality from different parts of the world.

Landscapes in a natural paradise

The environmental richness of the municipality of Loulé is symbolised by three major protected areas. More than just countryside of incomparable beauty, they represent a valuable archaeological and natural. In the Classified Site of Rocha da Pena, as you climb up to its highest point, you can see the coastline and as far as the eye can see there is a huge expanse of vegetation and the elegant Bonelli’s eagles can be seen in flight,.The Ria Formosa Nature Park also embraces part of the municipality; this is a chain of lagoons which comprises a wide range of ecosystems spanning 60 kilometres of the Algarve coastline.


Seized from the Moors during the Christian reconquest in 1249, the old medieval town ‘AlUlya’ (Loulé) made way for the existing historical city, where the past can be revisited along the narrow lanes that lead to monuments such as the “Alcaidaria” (the governor’s residence) of the Castle, the Municipal Archaeology Museum and the Main Church. The rich historical heritage of the city also includes important remains such as the Cerro da Vila Museum and Archaeological Site (Vilamoura) and the ruins of Salir Castle, in a parish where archaeological digs and the Main Church of S. Sebastião (16th century) can also be visited.

Brushstrokes of green on the coastal strip

Well-known for its famous resorts such as Vilamoura, Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo and Vila Sol, the municipality of Loulé is also the real capital of golf in this major European holiday destination, embracing some of the most highly regarded golf courses in the world. The design and environmental quality of the 13 golf courses which decorate the municipality’s coastline with a deep green.


With the special wisdom of those who preserve the past with their hands, the craftspeople of Loulé recreate small fragments of the history of the municipality on a daily basis, bringing the habits and customs of many peoples who have settled in the region into everyday life. In the parishes near the coast, family-run potteries mould bright pieces from clay both for everyday use and to make attractive decorations. In the villages further inland, old techniques remain intact including the use of wooden looms to make items such as the typical rag rugs, are all part of the craft traditions that are still alive and well in the municipality.

Flavours from land and sea

Just as varied as the landscape that can be seen from one end of the municipality to the other, the cuisine of Loulé can be discovered in myriad intensive tastes and fresh flavours, influenced by the nature of the products coming from both the land and the sea. On the coast, fresh grilled fish, “caldeirada” fish stews, rice with octopus and the “cataplana” are all relished by lovers of seafood. In the barrocal and the hills of the serra: “Galinha cerejada” (Loulé style chicken), fried pork with a strong herby flavour, sausages, roast wild boar. Before a delicious meal, try an irresistible fresh cheese spread with honey. And the meal ends with a sweet cake made with almonds.

And the fun goes on till daybreak

All along the coastal strip, there are countless options for those who have chosen the biggest municipality in the Algarve for sharing moments of relaxation and to be caught up in the mood of non-stop fun. In informal restaurants or elegant venues, you can enjoy a delicious meal, surprise yourself with exotic drinks, dance to the latest sounds and experience a feeling of pure joy.

source câmara municipal loulé

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